Our Areas of Expertise
Standalone Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)
With years of expertise and industrial know-how, our engineers and technical team are able to indentify problems, propose solutions and execute implementation.
Our expertise is very much focusing on these following areas: 
» Standard PICOBOX module comes in various models to monitor simple digital input
(dry contact), analog input (4-20mA) and to remotely control relay output.
» Comes with built-in software and no additional equipment needed to do the
» Customized monitoring system to deliver solutions for medium-sized monitoring
requirement such as temperature and humidity trending, medium-sized server room,
data centre or office buildings.
Customized Facility Monitoring System (FMS)
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) / Building Automation System (BAS)
» Powerful and yet flexible system that is able to provide solutions in monitoring,
control and automation system. This system has the capability to provide graphical
interface to most industrial process be it locally or remotely.
Flood and Water Level Monitoring System
» One of our specialties in remote environmental monitoring application, especially in
flood monitoring for drainage system and water level monitoring. These solutions have
proven track records in minimizing loss and improving preventive action during flooding
and high level of water flow.
Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) System
Battery Monitoring System (BMS)
» Unlike many other battery monitoring solutions, our BMS does not require backend
software which results in increased stability of the entire system.
» The analysis results can also be uploaded via communication port to the centralized
system, greatly improving connectivity of equipment.
» Automatic analyses of remaining battery capacity and battery failure are also
Telecommunication Monitoring System
» Monitoring system for telecom towers and telecom substations especially those
located in remote locations and are unmanned. 
» A centralized system will be able to remotely monitor the stations’ detailed
information such as the location, critical alert status, energy consumption and so on.
Smart & Green Building
» From monitoring Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), monitoring water consumption,
monitoring temperature & humidity to monitoring room occupancy, we can provide
solutions for a smart and green building environment. Its highly customizable graphical
user interface (GUI) is able to cater specific needs required by facility managers.
Car Park Monitoring System
» Applicable for commercial as well and industrial areas, car park monitoring solutions
are suitable to improve security, day to day operation and the overall car park
Design, Development and Implementation of Other
Customized Monitoring Solutions
» DCIM solution provides integration of information technology (IT) and facility
management disciplines to centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity
planning of a data center's critical systems.
» DCIM helps to optimize systems that generate revenue, provide customer service and
assist organizational assets
» In addition to the above areas of specialty, PT. GSS is also focusing on customized
solution to meet the market needs. This will include monitorig and control system for
housing / residential areas, commercial areas, cold room monitoring, factory automation,
Oil and Gas industry, renewable energy solution and many others.
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